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Fenced vs. centered brands

Is brand a rule that keeps things in line and consistent? Or is a well-positioned trampoline that takes the organization higher? When are the elements of each perspective appropriate?

The best collaborative teams

Some teams just click. But it’s just chance that it happens. We’ll explore why’s and how’s of how to achieve it, and get teams working better together.

Problem solving during crisis

In the midst of the worst moments is when creative problem solving matters. What elements are necessary to allow this to happen (and why is it so hard)?

Keys to a successful launch

What essential elements make a launch of anything—from a new initiative to a new company—successful? We’ll show you what they are (including ideas that might surprise you) and how to create these elements for your next new adventure.

Lead as a multiplier

Using Liz Wiseman’s best-selling leadership book Multipliers as our foundation, let’s explore how we as leaders can multiply the intelligence within teams, and multiply our results.

Building confidence

From Lean In to The Confidence Code, confidence is a key issue impacting jobs, promotions and relationships. Let’s explore what confidence is (and, is not) and ways to live differently. Can be a women-only or mixed session.

Primer on strategic planning

Strategic planning need not be painful: it should be fast, effective and powerful. Learn the key components of a strategic plan and tips on how to balance power and find the best way forward.

The power of authenticity

What is true at the core of your organization? How does it affect and reflect who you are in the world and the daily decisions made at every level? In this session, we provide a framework by which the strongest brands use authenticity as their differentiator and compass.

Creativity in the workplace

In this session, we explore why creativity matters, what puts it at risk in today’s business environment, and what each of us can do to nurture it as an engine for innovation.


If we can brag about one thing, it is the Sparktm engine that powers much of our work. As a process, Spark enables creativity. As a tool, Spark is a proprietary data-driven tool that enables a versatile approach to ideation and priority setting, allowing groups to come to better decisions faster. It’s geeky and it works, giving ideas room to breathe and eliminating dynamics of power that can stifle conversation and invention.

Spark also gets rid of the need for the Post-It-notes-filled-wall-of-confusion without limiting access to ideas, and it speeds the most challenging parts of any new initiative: finding the right path forward, and sustaining the momentum needed to succeed.


Effective strategies are a process—not a product—to bridge today’s reality to tomorrow’s vision. 3.2.1′s Kindle,tm sessions helps teams assess the terrain, define the destination and create a bright path between the two.


Our Fueltm process allows organizations to strengthen who they are at their core, creating a launchpad from which teams can establish engaged cultures, clearer strategies, productive team members, innovative offerings and effective communications.