Specialists for times of change.

Sometimes the need is straightforward, as in, “We need a better way to do our annual strategic planning.” Other times it requires pulling together several disciplines; for instance, “We need a smart and engaging naming process.” Or 3.2.1 wires together every part of a launch—from defining elements to the cascading plans that lead to liftoff.

The common currency is the yen to do the next thing well.  3.2.1 focuses on the strategic junctures where you need expertise to help your team be efficient, effective and, ultimately, successful. 

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Creating a thoughtful, powerful culture from the inside out, including:

  • Brand Development & Strengthening
  • Vision/Mission/Values Development
  • Culture & Engagement Projects
  • Creative Process/Brainstorming

Developing plans with clarity, accountability and action, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Product & Service Line Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Cross-Functional Team Facilitation
  • Transition Planning

Helping teams take effective action with a streamlined approach, including:

  • Launch Team Facilitation
  • Concepting, Naming & Theme Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Transition/Change Communications
  • Advertising, Design & PR Management

“Fuel helped us to hone and strengthen who we are. Our approach is more focused and more strategic. Our overall plan more consistent and better thought out. Our branding allows us to check to make sure we are staying true to who we are.”

L.A.—VP, Global Foundation

Proven tools with a proprietary advantage.

A good process at a good clip—this is what things like strategic planning and new initiatives need.  3.2.1’s proprietary database-driven tools allow you to do exactly that.  With Fueltm, Kindletm and Sparktm, we maintain the momentum at those points where traditional processes start to lag.  The result is a fast and efficient map to what’s next.

Fuel Brand Workshop.

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Kindle Strategy Process.

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Spark Creativity Sessions

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“3.2.1 accomplished in weeks what would have taken us months, if not years, to do on our own. The outcome was a clearly defined brand/brand strategy and a clearly articulated mission statement that today guide our decision making process and serve as the foundation for the introduction of new programs, products and services.”

G.M.—CMO, Global Media Company

Workshops and keynotes.

We are called on regularly to speak and train on the issues we are passionate about, with topics that orbit around the idea of helping teams—and the people within them—be more effective.

3.2.1 has spoken at multiple corporate and Chamber of Commerce events, as well as larger gatherings with groups that include American Marketing Association, Midwest Society of Association Executives, Minnesota Healthcare Strategy & Communications Network (MHSCN), Central Minnesota Clinic Managers Association, Radiology Business Managers Association, Minnesota Council on Foundations, Ladies 2.0 and the Minnesota Council of Churches.

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Creativity in the workplace

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The power of authenticity

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Primer on strategic planning

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Building confidence

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Lead as a multiplier

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Keys to a successful launch

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Problem solving during crisis

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The best collaborative teams

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Fenced vs. centered brands

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